Originally from http://turkdirlik.com/best-wireless-range-extenders-2014/

This gadget offer robust wireless network signal extension and boosting capacities. With such power it can re-broadcast the wireless signal by a distance of over 450 feet. This makes it easy to access the wireless network in any room and get a robust connection.

It is also equipped with 3 antennas and 5 Ethernet ports this is more than any extender in the market. It is easy to manage remotely because it allows you to set up an IP address.


It comes with an ON/OFF switch that is helpful if you need to save on power consumption while not actively in use. It has data rates of 1200 Mbps and its USB ports are 3.0. Currently it retails at $129 and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Bottom line : I can rate this is as the best extender I have ever owned. The coverage and power was surprising to say the least and the throughput if you use the Fastlane Technology which basically allows the extender to use one of its dual bands to communicate with the router exclusively.