5 Best Wireless Range Extenders of 2016 and Tips

A wireless range range extender is also referred as to as a wireless range expander or repeater. Its main function is to enhance the wireless network coverage. Do you have some computers in your work place or home that are too far away to link up to a network from your wireless router?

Then you might find a wireless range extender so helpful. A wireless range extender works by retransmitting the signals received from your main access point.

Wireless Range Extenders

By so doing the extender is able to transmit or relay these signal to those areas of your workplace or home that receives the low signals or none at all from your main router. A wireless extender achieves its purpose by only requiring a source of power and be place in a strategic position.

3 most crucial features of wifi extenders

When buying a wireless extender there are various crucial conditions and features you need to consider. They will be discussed below:

1. How much wireless signals

While searching for a wireless range extender, ask yourself, what extend of the boost do you deem necessary? Does it need a small or large boost? If in your case the signals from the main router reaches the areas in question but is a little weak then your will need just a small bumpIn the case of more demanding signal boost being necessary then a good quality extender will be required with a high maximum reach.

The main feature customer look for is the range to which the extenders can increase their wireless signals. For you to know on the best measures on boost, reviews on some of the extenders will be given and how other owners have used a particular extender.

2. Does it support Wireless-N technology?

Another feature of extender you need to consider is its compatibility. Will a particular extender be compatible with your router?. The latest innovation in high-speed wireless connection is the wireless-N technology.

This technology has been developed with the capacity and range to support the high bandwidth usage of streaming high definition videos and game consoles.

All wireless-enabled devices are nor compatible with wireless-N. The extender should be of the same or better standards as that of the original router. In this case, it is recommended to purchase backwards-compatible extenders just in case it turns out to have compatibility issues.

3. Latest wireless network security features

TP-LINK TL-WA850REYour wireless network security is also an important feature that needs to be considered. Network security is so crucial to preventing unauthorized access to your wireless network.

Therefore, when purchasing a wireless range extender you should consider whether it is equipped the latest wireless security features.

Finally, it is best if you find an extender that has set-up instructions which are fairly simple. More than often the write-up given in the box are lacking severely, and you might run into trouble if you are not too technically minded.

Again reviews from users of various extenders provide valuable information on this. The best wireless range extenders should have an excellent help and support options. This will include a warranty and a direct to contact.

Here’s best online Wireless range extenders for 2016

After going through some of the conditions you should consider before buying an extender, I will review some of the top five wireless extenders that’s available online. It will also have reviews from customers who have used these products in 2016.

TP-LINK TL-WA850RE Universal

This device boosts your wireless signals to areas that were previously unreachable or that are hard to wire in a flawless manner.

You can instantly set it up using the WPS button and with the help of a smart signal indicator you can easily locate an ideal place for installation. This extender is currently $28 on Amazon.

TP-LINK’s TL-WA850RE is well designed to conveniently improve the signal strength and extend the signal coverage of your existing wireless network. This gadget has a speed of up to 300 Mbps wireless-N speeds. This high speed makes it ideal for online gaming, smooth HD video and music steaming. It is also equipped with a range extender button.

  • Excellent but you must understand the setup
  • The CD did not come of much use. It wasn’t connecting to the extender. Then i contacted them and got help from a great technician.

NETGEAR AC1200 Range Extender

NETGEAR AC1200At first glance it looks like a router, but this unique signal booster provides the best coverage compared to any device reviewed. It is the most powerful range extender currently in the market.

This device supports the 802.11ac technology and has a USB 3.0 port that you can use to share files and print. It has a 700mW high power design and a dual core band Wi-Fi up to 1200 Mbps for ultimate range. The dual core processor provides for maximum performance.

Personal opinion : The dual band does it all and goes it well. The lightning speeds are just wonderful: now I can stream my HD videos flawlessly.


This gadget offer robust wireless network signal extension and boosting capacities. With such power it can re-broadcast the wireless signal by a distance of over 450 feet. This makes it easy to access the wireless network in any room and get a robust connection.

It is also equipped with 3 antennas and 5 Ethernet ports this is more than any extender in the market. It is easy to manage remotely because it allows you to set up an IP address.


It comes with an ON/OFF switch that is helpful if you need to save on power consumption while not actively in use. It has data rates of 1200 Mbps and its USB ports are 3.0. Currently it retails at $129 and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Bottom line : I can rate this is as the best extender I have ever owned. The coverage and power was surprising to say the least and the throughput if you use the Fastlane Technology which basically allows the extender to use one of its dual bands to communicate with the router exclusively.


This device is a high-power wireless-N with 600mw dual-band gigabit expander that has recently received top review for its excellent capabilities in boosting the wireless network strength. It is equipped with a 620-MHz internal processor. This processor provides a lightning fast internet speeds.

Amped Wireless SR20000G

It extends the router signals up to twice as far as the normal signal. Apart from giving you robust signal to operate effortlessly in areas that were initially dead spots, it offers an area up to 10,000 square feet of extra fast speed Wi-Fi signal.

One customer review :  My wife wanted Wi-Fi out in her shop but she the lost signal once she walked in the shop so we got the Amped wireless SR20000G. Now she has better signal in her shop than I do in my office.

ZyXEL WAP3205 V2

The ZyXEL WAP3205 V2 extends your Wi-Fi signal range by up to 300 feet. It has the capability to be used as a stand-alone Wi-Fi access point. It is one of the best Wi-Fi extenders in the market. The device offers three operation modes: access-point, client mode and the universal extender mode. It has a customer support that is pretty stellar and comes with two-year warranty.

My two-cents : This product is top quality. Ever since I got it installed I now get full bars in every part of my apartment. Try it out, you will love it.